Donnerstag, 3. August 2017

Dear Celine - Yummy Cherries!

Last weekend I went to the "Bardentreffen" (a local music festival all over the city center) although it was really warm and humid. I wanted to wear some of my new purchases.

Jsk: Dear Celine
blouse: Lucky Star
hat: Sweet Dreamer
shoes: Bodyline
Wig: Dream Holic

It really is too warm here at the moment that I feel uncomfortable in Lolita but I get so impatient because there are a lot of new things to wear (and a lot of weight to loose xD).

But overall the quality of Dear Celine is awesome as always. The Jsk is made of chiffon, my favorite type of fabric at the moment. ~ And for all the plus size girls: The blouse from Lucky Star is awesome and, if I say so, really flattering. I bought it on Lolita Wardrobe and it is only around 12 USD <3

I even ditched the lashes because ... just no xD

Samstag, 29. Juli 2017

Lief - Tulip Gardening Series

Not that long ago I fell in love with the Tulip Gardening Series from Lief. At first I only bought the Op in green. There where three other colors (black, orange and blue) but I think the print came out best in the green version.

Lief has a cost for their clothes that are the same as the big Lolita Fashion brands. So I bled with the purchase (260 USD + 30 USD shipping) and as it is a tradition in germany I bled again as I had to free it from customs.
It was my first time ordering from them. They have an Onlineshop which is in korean but you can't buy directly from them as a foreigner. You have to email them an order form including which items you want to get and pray that it is still in stock at the time they get to you.

Samstag, 22. April 2017

April 2017 Meetup

In April (on the easter weekend) we wanted to host a scavenger hunt but the weather got in our way T_T. So we decided to only visit a restaurant and just chat instead.

Jsk: Btssb
blouse: Meta

After the restaurant we checked out our new location for our Christmas-Teaparty  <3

Donnerstag, 2. März 2017

Resolutions for 2017

As someone can see on this Blog I haven't posted in forever. In the meantime I got my university degree (Master), got a job and just resenctly got a new job xD. So for this year I decided to do Lolita seriously again! Since summer last year I didn't even took a picture of the outfis when I came to wear it. So I decided that for this year I will try to take outfit pictures of all the dresses I haven't taken one ~ and of course xD the new ones! 

Well since my finances are on the up (because I startet to sell some pieces and have some savings) I already bought two pieces this year. 

Inori Crystal Dream (white)

This dress is beautyfull but the shirrig in the back has no lacing so it is too big for me. I must have it altered.

Angelic Pretty Rosette collection Jsk (Ivory)

Just bought today xD ~ kind of an impulse buy. 

Greetings o/

Sonntag, 6. September 2015

Meetup in Regensburg

In July we went with the Munich community to Regensburg and traveled via boat to the Valhalla in Regensburg. 

Jsk: Chess Story
blouse: Bodyline
socks: Innocent World
shoes: Baby
chocker: closet child
beret: ebay

Samstag, 25. Juli 2015


It really was a coincidence that my boyfriend found this minigolf place where you play in a kind of fantasy world only with black light.

Cherry Blossom Festival

This year we decided to go to the Cherry Blossom Festival in Fürth. I think we didn't went the last two years soooo it was time!
We were really lucky because the weather was good (sunny and kind of warm-isch) so we could picnic on the big meadow in front of the hall were the festival was held.

Later that day we went to a restaurant to eat japanese food (because there wasn't any at the festival oO).

Jsk,bag: Angelic Pretty
blouse Metamorphose
shoes: Secret Shop
bunny hat: Ergi
cardigan: unknown brand