Donnerstag, 3. August 2017

Dear Celine - Yummy Cherries!

Last weekend I went to the "Bardentreffen" (a local music festival all over the city center) although it was really warm and humid. I wanted to wear some of my new purchases.

Jsk: Dear Celine
blouse: Lucky Star
hat: Sweet Dreamer
shoes: Bodyline
Wig: Dream Holic

It really is too warm here at the moment that I feel uncomfortable in Lolita but I get so impatient because there are a lot of new things to wear (and a lot of weight to loose xD).

But overall the quality of Dear Celine is awesome as always. The Jsk is made of chiffon, my favorite type of fabric at the moment. ~ And for all the plus size girls: The blouse from Lucky Star is awesome and, if I say so, really flattering. I bought it on Lolita Wardrobe and it is only around 12 USD <3

I even ditched the lashes because ... just no xD

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