Samstag, 29. Juli 2017

Lief - Tulip Gardening Series

Not that long ago I fell in love with the Tulip Gardening Series from Lief. At first I only bought the Op in green. There where three other colors (black, orange and blue) but I think the print came out best in the green version.

Lief has a cost for their clothes that are the same as the big Lolita Fashion brands. So I bled with the purchase (260 USD + 30 USD shipping) and as it is a tradition in germany I bled again as I had to free it from customs.
It was my first time ordering from them. They have an Onlineshop which is in korean but you can't buy directly from them as a foreigner. You have to email them an order form including which items you want to get and pray that it is still in stock at the time they get to you.

I don't ever read the description (because I am too lazy to translate and bla) so I was positively suprised that the dress is made of chiffon fabric. 

I tried to order it in XL (because I gained a lot of weight recently T_T) but they told me that only L was left in green. Well, they send me XL xD. The only down thing is that it was really tight in the upper arm area and my boobs don't look that pretty with the ruffles in the front (see picture below). 

A dear friend told me I could remove the ornamental seam on the sleeves =D and well that solved my arm problems. For my boobs xD I got a binder ~ a really good decision. So next time the dress will look a lot better on me as in the picture above.

After some time I tried to get the tablier from that series but on the first try they said to me that it was out fo stock. last week they postet on Facebook that they have some in stock in the white colorway (-.- well I felt a bit messed around). So I ordered it but it still has to be send and arrive.

This is also a splurge because the tablier costs 135 USD  + 20 USD shipping T_T but it looks soooooooooooo pretty together with the Op that I could not resist.

The original headpieces for this series wheren't that pretty (for the price tag) so I got crafty and purchased some things on ebay to make a matching hat.

I hope that this post was interesting for someone. You hardly find any review or posts of the Lief releases so I wanted to give google search some xD.


  1. You look absolutely awesome in the dress! I love the print and how you made a matching hat. It's wonderful with those white tulips.

    1. Thank youuuuu =D I really want to wear it again (this time xD I will be more satisfied with the outfit) but the weather is too warm for long sleeves.

    2. Oh yeah, tell me about the heat :-) It's a total dream-outfit-killer and for some reason my inspiration keeps churning out only long-sleeved dresses, so I feel with you. But come September, I guess it will cool down enough in Germany to wear it, won't it? Any special occasion you're planning to wear it to?

    3. yeah september will be Lolita weather again in germany xD ~
      I organize a meetup every month so at least I can wear it then =D