Donnerstag, 2. März 2017

Resolutions for 2017

As someone can see on this Blog I haven't posted in forever. In the meantime I got my university degree (Master), got a job and just resenctly got a new job xD. So for this year I decided to do Lolita seriously again! Since summer last year I didn't even took a picture of the outfis when I came to wear it. So I decided that for this year I will try to take outfit pictures of all the dresses I haven't taken one ~ and of course xD the new ones! 

Well since my finances are on the up (because I startet to sell some pieces and have some savings) I already bought two pieces this year. 

Inori Crystal Dream (white)

This dress is beautyfull but the shirrig in the back has no lacing so it is too big for me. I must have it altered.

Angelic Pretty Rosette collection Jsk (Ivory)

Just bought today xD ~ kind of an impulse buy. 

Greetings o/

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