Freitag, 18. April 2014

Angelic Pretty New Online Shop

A few days ago the new Angelic Pretty Online Shop opened. I don't know why they closed the international site but I thought: Well, now we can shop all the things and not a selected batch. So I went an registered a new account ... with a pulse of 300 because EVERYTHING is in Japanese and sometimes the translation tool is crap. You also have to register at for a japanese address because they don't want to ship your things outside japan. That means ... you have to pay extra because tenso is taking international shipping and a fee from you. The next bummer was that you only can pay via credit card -.- ... well for some countries it is common to have one but not really in germany. I instantly wrote a message to AP xD that they should consider paypal as payment method and got this reply:

Thank you for e-mailing us.

Now you can use only the TENSO service. PAY PAL is now under consideration.Sorry. prease wait.


I think they did not understand my e-mail xD because I only proposed to add another payment method, namely paypal ... well ~ on my account they can keep the tenso thingy BUT paypal should be added as a method. BUT I didn't register for fun xD ~ because of the opening they offered no shipping costs and there was this in the Onepice section I COULD NOT IGNORE xD 

It only costs about 15 500 Yen ... and with the current euro - yen exchange rate only ~100 € >.< I was really grumpy for the rest of the day because my boyfriend looked at the screen and told me he will give it to me as a present but we don't own a credit card ... xD *first world problem*
But two days later a friend lend me her credit card: THANK YOU ;D so now soon I will have one more beauty in my collection!

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