Dienstag, 26. August 2014

Primark find

I was in Berlin for over a week to visit my family (and do other things ;D). I went shopping pretty often because there are some stores I love and would love if they would open them in Nürnberg >.<. I was pretty successfull and found some really cute things in Primark. I will only show you the "Lolitaable" things I found. The rest I bought are normal clothes and make-up xD.


A flower crown for around 4 € I think. It is not the season anymore to wear this and look kinda not out of place but the next spring will come xD.

Those bags were the highlight *_* they are only 10 € and come in pink, navy, black and beige. I couldn't decide for a color so I took the pink and the navy one ... but I kind of regret not getting the black one.
They are still available so you still have a chance to get them (if you have a Primark near you).

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  1. Die Tasche hab ich auch :3 Hatte auch überlegt sie in mehreren Farben mitzunehmen, habe mich dann aber für die dunkelblaue Variante entschieden und den passenden Geldbeutel dazu gewählt ^^