Freitag, 8. August 2014

Paper Lashes

Since I watched "The Hunger Games" and saw the beautiful make-up of Effie I was hooked on beautiful Lashes. In the movie she is wearing Lashes from Paperself. You can get them on Amazon or their website. A few month ago you had to pay around 16 € for a pair but recently you can get them a lot cheaper on Amazon. BUT I also looked around eBay and found a MUCH cheaper version from China ;)


These are the original Lashes from Paperself - (l) Rose, (r) Deer & Butterfly (worn by Elizabeth Banks in the movie, yes from this brand) - I payed around 6 to 7 € for a pair (I love the packaging btw). I have Amazon Prime so I didn't have to pay for shipping.


These are from eBay. I paid around 1,30 €, but at this moment you can find them also for 1 € a pair, shipping included. As you can see these are the (plus or minus) same models as the Lashes from Paperself. I wanted to see if there is a quality difference between them.

The Paperself Lashes are a bit longer and a tiny bit bigger BUT - thats it! Except for the packaging. If I want to buy more in the future I will get more from eBay (china).

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