Dienstag, 1. Juli 2014

Two dream dresses - New In - wardrobe conclusion

I sorted my wardrobe out to make room for new things and already acquired two dresses from my wishlist (which I overworked) and some basics.


Baby's Marie Antoinette Jsk. I love the cut of the re-released print so I wished for that. And Aatp Queen's Coach Jsk II in black. =D finaly I got the dress to the matching socks xDDD I own since its release lol.

A pricess sleeves blouse from Dear Celine. And a wine pair of Tea Party's to match my bordeaux clothes (hopefully). I already have a pair of wine/bordeaux shoes but they aren't compfy at all =( so I can't walk in them for a long time (two hours and my feet hurt like hell).

I already mentioned it in a post a few months ago that I slowly want to change my warderobe because I think that I am past the sweet lolita phase ~ not sweet lolita overall but the vibrant colors matched with cute animals or sweets - IN YOUR FACE - thats why I let go of my dearly loved Honey Picnic from Meta in mint T_T it kinda hurts, but I haven't worn it for a year now ... It only hangs in my closet so I can pull it out and look at it and thats not what a dress is for xD and I am NOT a Closet Lolita! I want to wear my dresses.


  1. uwaaaaa those dresses are beautiful~ My friend has recently transitioned into a half sweet classic wardrobe too! Now it's super hard for her to sell off her perfect wardrobe if she wants to make room for new clothes... T_T

    1. yeah they are *_* I had them on my wishlist like forever!