Samstag, 28. Juni 2014

Meme Box 10 Minutes

This time I decided to get the Meme Box 10 Minutes and because I magicaly got a lot of points xD I only paid around 10 € for the box and the shipping ... so cheap.

So lets get on to the products I got in this box:

Aromolab Designer Fragrance Oil - American Pheromone Woman Type - Full Size: It is basically a rollon and smells fresh  and floral but pretty strong. The description says that it has a fruity top note oO ... yeah not really but to me it smells pretty good =D - 34 $ (thats pretty expensiver for an 8 ml perfume >.<)
Hope Girl Powdery Body Perfume - Full Size: The description says it absorbs sweat but I didn't try it out yet. To me it smells like freshly washed clothes but not that strong like the rollon (49 $, 20 g).
Hope Girl Mily Balm Lipstick - Full Size: It is a basic red lipstick. I didn't try it out because I have a similar color >.< and wasn't sure If i keep it or give it to someone that has no basic red in their make-up collection. (25 $, 3,4 g).
Secret Romance Hair Essence Lovely - Full Size: It smells good and makes my hair soft =D (39 $, 60 ml).
Laboratory Eyelash - Full Size: Well can't get enough lashes xD and they look pretty decent (5 $)

So lets see what the value of this box is: 152 USD / ~ 111 € 

o___________________________O even if I paid the full price for this box, it is just amazing what you get. Five full size products with a value of 152 USD and I can get a use out of every product (except the lipstick but xD thats just me and my too big of a collection lol).

For more info I include a youtube Video that you can watch about the 10 Minutes Box:

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