Sonntag, 1. Juni 2014

May Meetup 2014

We planed a ride with a historical steam Locomotive. Sadly the weather was so bad (to much rain on that day) that we didn't take any pictures as we were waiting for the Locomotive to arrive and only took a few in the train and in the short waiting period befor the train went back (we booked a ticket for the full route forth and back). But we are already planning a meetup to the Deutsche Bahn Museum where you can see a lot of old Locomotives and Trains so that we can try again to take pictures (but with better weather or inside a hall) again.

But here is a pic of my Outfit:

Jsk, Socks: Innocent World
Schoes: Taobao
Blouse: Bodyline
Hat: Alice and the Pirates
Wig: eBay

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