Donnerstag, 2. Januar 2014

Reanimating felted Wigs

Because I had time I thougt about reanimating my old Bodyline Wig! The ends where pretty felted and the soft curls where combed out.

What you need:
  • Curling Wand or Iron
  •  Hair Clips (little claws)
  • Wig ~ obviously xD
  • Wigstand (or something similar that you can handle the Wig easier)
  • Comb
It is best to use a Curling Wand or Iron with heat control ~ I heated it up to 140 °C and took thin to medium thick streaks and curled them. When you let go of the streak after 15 - 20 seconds the streak will be staight but then it is soft and you can comb through to get rid of the felted ends. Then you curl it again for 15 - 20 seconds but instead to let go hold the curl and put a har clip on it to fix the curl and let it cool down.
When you went through the whole wig you should get something like this:

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