Sonntag, 29. Dezember 2013


I am in the process of selling some Jsk's and things I'm tired of or at least didn't wear them for a long time >.< If you are interested you can look here. I am also selling my beloved Rose and Playing Cards Jsk Set from IW I wore at the Teaparty in Vienna.
So now off to the things I bought lately ... and my birthday present which takes forever, and I don't know when or if it is shipped already.

MASSIVE LOLITA HAUL (and a bit of Make-Up xD)

Metamorphose Royal Frame OP in black/blue *_* It was such a long time on my wishlist! I couldn't find any stock pics of this dress, so this is the only picture of this version. Originally I wanted the full shirring one but It is almost impossible to find it.

Dear Celine Angel's Song Jsk and headbow in blue ~ my birthday present ~ waiting since october for news =( I really want to wear it in THIS winter because the embrodery isn't suited for spring or summer (at least in my head). Hopefully Alice will give me a trackingnumber soon ;D (because she was in charge to organize the present).

Alice and the Pirates Beauty and the Rose Promise Print Jsk in red ~ was not on my wishlist BUT two friends of mine had it in the lighter versions (and sold it already xD) and it was sooooo pretty (only the fabric isn't that good) ... but i couldn't resist the price I paid for => 150 € shipping included ~ but without the chain.

Angelic Pretty Seet Cream House High Waist Jsk in pink ~ I decided I'd go for the "not so loud" sweet prints which is why I already sold the Candy Treat Jsk =/ I also thought about to sell my Honey Picknick from Meta ~ but I am still thinking xD. This Jsk was on my wishlist in creme but on the "real pics" the pink looked like a dusty pink =) well will see what it looks in real life hehe ~ got already my trackingnumber for it ~YAY.

And now the "little things" I bought to coordinate

Vanilla inspired me to also start writing in english to reach more people =) ~ 

Oh and some Make-Up things xD ~ had sale so I purchased some samples of MAC Pigments to try out. 


  1. Ich freu mich voll, dass ich den BatRP Print wieder sehen werde. *_*

    1. =D ich musste auch an dich denken! Vor allem schwarz/rot passt mir momentan so gut in den kram hehe

  2. Wunderschöne Sachen! Ich glaube, wir haben ähnlichen Geschmack c: Ich wollte endlich einmal liebe Grüße dalassen, da ich deinen Blog schon Ewigkeiten verfolge und mich noch nie gemeldet habe. Freue mich immer über deine Posts, danke dafür! ♫

    1. =D Oh das ist lieb von dir!
      Ich bin auch meistens eine stille Leserin xD ~

  3. So schöne Sachen *.* <3 Ich mag deinen Stil und deinen Geschmack total gerne ^^