Sonntag, 7. Dezember 2014

DIY glittery pumps

I realized that two to three weeks aren't enough time to get some silvery shoes. The Bodyline ones were sold out and the ones from Taobao will not come in time *sight*. Soooooo I watched some DIY tutorials to make some REALLY glittery silver shoes. 

Step 1: You need
  • Glue or glitter paint. The glue should dry clear and should be water resistent and flexible when dried. I used textile color from Diamond-Tex in silver. It is a clear color with silver glitter (because I wanted my shoes to be silver).
  • Glitter. Any glitter you like! I used glitter from RICO DESIGN. I got 100 g xD but as I finished my project I realised that 50 g are enough when you use glitter paint.
  • Brushes. I bought a 6 and 12 brush. The 6 for painting and the 12 for cleaning up the loose glitter.
  • Spray varnish. I used spray varnish from RICO DESIGN with a glossy finish.
  • Shoes. Any kind you like =). If the surface is smooth you have to rough it up that the glue/paint can stick.
  • Paper. To protect the inner part of the shoe
  • Box. A big enough box to fit in the shoe while you paint it. xD It protects the surrounding from the glitter mess.

Step 2: The glittery goodness

Stuff the whole shoe with paper or something similar. It protects the shoe if you are a bit messy and you don't have to clean the shoe from a ton of glitter. Then put it in the box were you will work in.

You can mix a bit of glitter and glue/paint together if you want to, but I didn't do it. I took some paint on my brush and painted a small area. Then I took some glitter on the same brush and pressed in on. If it does not stick use again a small amout of paint and go over it again. ~ 

If you finished painting the shoes let them dry. The paint I used dried up in 30 minutes. Then I finished it with the varnish. I sprayed once, let it dry and spayed again.

The finished shoes look like that:

 Thanks for looking =)


  1. Oh, die sind einfach wunderschön geworden! *_*
    Tolles Ergebnis!

    Liebe Grüße

  2. Eine wahnsinnig gute Idee und Umsetzung! Das werde ich auch mal ausprobieren ♡
    Danke für das tolle Tutorial und viele liebe Grüße!

    - Fawn