Dienstag, 6. August 2013

Canada Swap

 A while ago i received the package from the lovely Amy. The things inside are really my style (*feeds the fire* more than my last swap xD). And for the record: this post is in english so that Amy can read everything and does not have to use a crappy translater, which got me in kind of shit storm situation last time.

It was like christmas and easter in one package xD 

I received the nail polishes a lot sooner than the whole package. I really love the set and it got me in kind of a nails nude mood xD. The Tarte blush made me drooling xD but I haven't even used it because it is so pretty and expensive and so pretty ... the vanilla flavored perfume roll on smells soooooo yummy *_*. An EOS Lippbalm I wanted since I started watching beauty related videos on Youtube ... kind of a crappy reason but they are fantastic.
xD Yeah and I wished for a Revlon Lippbutter ... again ... but I just love them and Amy picked such a pretty fall color *_*

First the sad news: I already have a lashes "get them on easier" thingies BUT I put them in my back up box (^^" yeah I am at that point... T_T). So many lashes and nail tings 8D ~ for the nails I have to wait for my nails to be shorter (there is always a period when i wear them short).

The mug from Disneyland is EPIC =D and for the maple sirup I wished for hehe ~

Conclusion: I really love the things I got and can use everything 

Thank you Amy =D


  1. Ich freu mich auch schon so auf meinen Tarte Blush :3 Und die Tasse ist ja mal wirklich EPISCH *dich mal ne runde beneid* Und die Wimpern brauchst du dicher auch auf...wenn net, findest du bestimmt Abnehmer *shifts eyes* *hust*

    1. Hast du dir eigendlich ne bestimmte Farbe gewünscht?
      Ich hab ihr zwei zur auswahl gestellt =)

  2. I am glad you love everything <3!!!

  3. Was ist denn das besondere am Tarte Blush, jetzt bin ich neugierig wenn du so davon schwärmst :D

    1. Das sind blushes die 12 Stunden mindestens auf den Wangen halten und mit Tonerde aus dem Amazonas sind =3

      Allgemein sind die Produkte von Tarte recht gut aber leider kann man die nicht im Internet bestllen =( nur Amerikaner

  4. Du wurdest nominiert ;)